We help you… Engage. Educate. Inspire. Connect.

What is your goal?

Better connecting with your customers? Increasing awareness of your brand? Building momentum around a new product line? Generating high-quality leads? Developing and accelerating your sales pipeline?

No matter your mission, a partnership with WIS will help you get there.

We’re in the connecting-you-with-your-customers business.

At WIS, we don’t just publish magazines and produce events. We use high-quality content as a means to create loyal, engaged customers for our clients.

Whether we’re building and producing a multi-track conference, strategizing and publishing a new digital magazine, or creating an interactive online community, we take pride in our work — because it helps our clients’ brands grow.

Our job is to do everything it takes — be it sourcing industry experts, leveraging the latest-and-greatest technologies, or massaging content until our eyes blur — to ensure your message is on point and well-received. We work with organizations around the world to create information products and events that go well beyond expectations.

Our relationships with our clients tend to be long-term and steeped in trust. That’s because we work hard to truly understand their unique needs, goals, and challenges.

With us, your brand is in exceptionally good hands.

Explore some of the ways we can work together:


WIS has been building, managing, and executing critically-acclaimed, global live technology events for 25 years, most notably in the SAP and IBM spaces. That extensive experience informs everything we do. As a result, we deliver proven methodologies, processes, and resources to ensure your event exceeds expectations — time and time again.

To say your event is important to us is an understatement.

We’ll work closely with you to understand your business goals, audience, and challenges — and to then create a unique event from scratch to your specifications.

Whether your objectives call for deep-dive training and education, product launches, branding, or customer and prospect engagement, we can deliver experiences ranging from roadshows, to intimate networking gatherings, to full-scale, multi-track, global conferences with large trade show floors and thousands of participants.

You can rely on WIS to provide first-class service to you and your attendees from start to finish, including:

  • Pre-event planning
    • Event vision and strategy
    • Attendee research
    • Content development
    • Creative development
    • Experiential design
    • Exhibit hall design and sponsorship sales
    • Event marketing and communications
    • Attendee acquisition and engagement
  • On-site execution
    • AV and services
    • Staging design
    • Registration
    • Mobile services
    • F&B management
    • Exhibitor services
    • Speaker management
  • Post-event follow up
    • Billing and reconciliation
    • Event evaluation and reporting

Why partner with WIS?
We are internationally known for our event expertise and content excellence. We will always provide complete transparency of all costs and work within your budget. You can depend on our staff for creative solutions, negotiation expertise to lower costs, responsive customer service, and relentless attention to detail. The end result is an event worthy of your name.

Compelling publishing solutions, customized to your needs.


Generic content is… well, generic. WIS’s world-class custom publishing services generate award-winning, compelling, and unique content that’s sure to engage your customers and prospects.

With experience ranging from controlled circulation magazines distributed to 125,000+ readers worldwide to innovative apps driving informative content to mobile devices, WIS is sure to deliver the right content at the right time and in the right format.

Editorial excellence, soup-to-nuts
Our writers and editors are unrivaled, working tirelessly to ensure that every article, case study, blog, podcast, tweet, and white paper we produce is clear in meaning, high in value, and elegant in design.

We look at each client’s publishing needs with an open mind, and we design an editorial program — be it a magazine article, special report, or custom app — that’s guaranteed to engage readers and prospects.

You can count on WIS to provide these first-class editorial services:

  • Editorial planning and content development
  • Author recruitment and content acquisition
  • Magazine publishing
  • Case study creation
  • White paper writing services
  • Podcast and blog creation
  • Video production services
  • Social media campaign management
  • Layout and design services
  • Production and printing coordination
  • Custom app development

Why partner with WIS?
Our custom publishing team will never sacrifice on quality. We won’t consider a project complete until you — and readers — are delighted with the results. And we’ll always push the editorial envelope, continually looking for innovative ways to drive your message into the market in the most compelling way possible. We’ll ensure you and your content stand out from the crowd.

Comprehensive insight from a trusted source


The Wellesley Information Services Executive Research Group (WIS-ERG) is a division of Wellesley Information Services (WIS).

WIS-ERG’s mission is to create research, insights, and experiences that inspire executives to think differently about their immediate challenges and opportunities. We draw from the collective expertise of peers in the C-suite to provide a unique, practical perspective on emerging trends in business and technology.

Content-rich, interactive communities that engage your ecosystem.

Online Communities

It’s a proven fact: Engagement leads to revenue. Do your customers, partners, prospects, and employees have a place to connect? If you don’t provide the right engagement platform for them, who knows where your customers and prospects might congregate?

In an interactive online community, your extended network can connect with you, each other, and your products. Community members will build relationships, advance their skills, and participate in topical groups and interactive learning. At the same time, you’ll gather important data about them, tap into valuable market research, and engage with them in a meaningful, value-based way.

Communities that engage and extend
At WIS, we manage communities for some of the biggest names in technology. Our experienced engagement and editorial teams employ proven, research-based approaches to provide you and your audience with customized content, powerful engagement programs, and meaningful collaboration opportunities to not only succeed in their most important projects, but also remain loyal customers.

  • Our online community-based services include:
    • Custom content creation that drives participation and demand, including:
      • Articles and blogs
      • Webcasts and webinars
      • Videos and podcasts
      • Infographics
      • Client profiles, case studies, and Q&As
      • Live online chats with industry thought leaders
    • Member profiles, so users can showcase themselves and connect with others
    • Groups (public or private) to connect and collaborate with peers
    • Custom sub-communities
    • Calendars
    • Surveys to dig into what is important to your audience
    • Integration with social platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook
    • User group management so regional audiences are engaged both on the site and in person
    • Advisory board and leadership training for super users and industry front-runners
    • Gamification programs to reward active users and keep them coming back

Why partner with WIS?
From small user groups to massive ecosystems of tens of thousands of members, WIS’s turnkey methodologies, processes, and proven programs will keep your audience talking about your products and offerings 24/7/365

Targeted marketing services that deliver real results.

Marketing Services

Engaged customers and prospects turn into profitable customers for your organization. By bridging the gap between quality content and quality content marketing, you can keep them interested and moving swiftly through your sales pipeline.

Many partners know WIS as a producer of quality events and information products. But at our core, we’re experts at gathering qualified customer audiences. Leverage our extensive reach, our market-leading educational brands, and our content expertise to build and accelerate your sales pipeline, establish your experts as thought leaders, and drive your messaging to an engaged base of customers and prospects.

Tailored marketing programs that deliver, time and time again
WIS has extensive expertise in creating, building, and managing all facets of partner marketing programs — and we know how to achieve tangible results. Using the huge arsenal of proven strategies and proprietary tactics at our disposal, WIS marketing services are designed to work seamlessly together with other offerings we provide such as communities, content creation, custom publishing, and event management OR as stand-alone efforts to support your other key initiatives.

  • Our comprehensive marketing services include:
    • Customer research and analysis
    • Marketing strategy
    • Content marketing
    • Social engagement
    • Digital messaging
    • Email management
    • Online communities
    • Roadshows and custom in-person events
    • Online events, webinars, and live chats
    • Lead and demand generation
    • Engagement analysis

Why partner with WIS?
We’ve executed successful, goal-oriented, integrated marketing programs for hundreds of global partners. Whether you want to reach your target audience in person, in print, or online, we’ve got you covered. We’ll help you get from where you are to where you need to be..

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